04 Oct
Having a positive digital footprint

Top tips on how to help your child make their online presence work for them and create a positive digital footprint

social media

25 Nov
Understanding online shaming - a guide for parents

What is †online shaming and what can you do to protect your child from it?

05 May
What are parental controls and how can they help children stay safe online?

Filters and parental controls won't keep your children safe online, but they are a useful†first line of defence. Here's†what parents need to know

15 Apr
Online risk: myths and facts

Separating online risk from things that could actually cause children harm: a parentís guide

26 Feb
Learning disabilities, autism and internet safety: a guide for parents

Help for parents on dealing with issues raised by the internet for children and young people with autism and learning difficulties

Internet brain

24 Oct
Think critically!

Critical thinking: a parentís guide to fake news and helping†your child question what they see or hear online

Google screen grab - critical thinking

14 Dec
Fitness apps: a cause for concern?

Fitness apps: a parent's guide

Fitness apps

28 Nov
What does Ofcom do to protect your child?

How does Ofcom, the communications regulator, tackle†material online that may be inapprorpriate or upsetting for children?

child looking at tablet

27 Feb
Three top tips for building your childís online resilience

Digital literacy and online resilience: a parentís guide

Image changed through glasses to sunset and coloured sky

24 Mar
What is digital literacy? A parent's guide

What does it mean†to be a digitally literate child in the internet age?

digital infants

Latest News

Boston Year 11 Trip

For this year’s end of year 11 trip we took our Boston students to Skegness for a day filled with fun activities. The day started with 5 students and 3 members of staff taking a nice drive with a very varied selection of music, singalongs and lots of giggles.

We arrived in “Skeg-Vegas” full of atmosphere and made our way to the pier for a quick snack then headed towards the adventure centre onto the activities. We started off with the escape room experience. 

KS3 Integration Day at Amber Hill

On the 20/6/18 the KS3 students from both Boston and Sleaford bases took a trip out to the new Amber Hill base to see what stage they have got to, we saw a wide variety of tasks going on including door fitting, plumbing, electrics, fencing, decorating and more. We then ventured onto the new school field and had a chance to chill out and explore their new space.

Message from the head teacher:

I didn’t ever expect to be attending a Buckingham Palace garden party and feel honoured and privileged to have done so. On reflecting on this it demonstrates how Pilgrim continues to develop as an outward looking school – the D of E programme is just one example. 

David Walliams gets in touch!

NB forwarded a powerpoint presentation of illustrations and writing compiled by AR, a pupil from our Boston base for David Walliams and asked him if he would comment on these. In reply she received a letter and a signed photo.  An invitation for David to visit our school was also made and indications are that he is aware of it and has shown an interest in the future if possible.

Our nice new MPV delivered today.

We have taken deliver y of our first ever Pilgrim Minibus.  It looks rather smart and will expand our opportunities to transport our pupils for additional enrichment opportunites and D of E excursions etc.

Pilgrim Minibus