Mr Steve Barnes (1.0 FTE)

Bases – operates across all bases




 Mrs Lorraine Kirsopp(1.0 FTE)

Bases: Head of Centre in Sleaford


LEAD PRACTITIONER (Teaching & Learning)

Mr Paul Squire (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   Head of Centre in Boston + 1 day in Sleaford

PASTORAL MANAGER (Behaviour & Safety)

Mrs Bev Lee (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   Operates across all bases


Mrs Helen   Garrett (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   operates across all bases


Mr Steve Lingard (1.0   FTE

Bases: Lincoln + 1   day in Louth


Mrs Yvonne   Prendergast (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Boston


Mrs Jo O’Neill (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Lincoln + 2  days in Louth


Miss Clare Andrews   (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Sleaford


Mr Tim Gourley (1.0 FTE)


Bases: All bases

Mrs Sherry   Rycroft            (0.6 FTE)


Bases: Sleaford 

Mrs Jackie Gourley  

(1.0 FTE)

Art/Foundation   Learning

Bases: All bases

Miss Rachael Addy (1.0 FTE)


Bases: Lincoln, Boston & Louth

Mrs Jane   Flynn  (0.3 FTE)

Art/Foundation Learning

Bases: Sleaford

Mrs Sam   Stanier (0.4 FTE)


Bases: Sleaford

Mrs Carol   Belton  (0.8 FTE)

Maths/Science/KS3 mixed

Bases: Lincoln

Mrs Jacky   Denton (1.0 FTE)


Bases: Sleaford

Mrs Becky  Fielden  (0.8 FTE)

English/Mixed Learning

Bases: Lincoln


 + approximately 10 other   teachers paid on a zero hours/claims basis according to demand




Mrs Jacqueline Savage   (1.0 FTE) - 2 days per wk Boston, 3 days   per wk Lincoln: Administrator

Mrs Debi King                  (0.6 FTE)- Lincoln Base:Finance   Assistant

Miss Chloe Nelson          (1.0 FTE)Lincoln Base:Apprentice


Learning   Support & Pupil Welfare

Mr Steve Helliwell(1.0 FTE)Learning Mentor - Boston

Agency TBC: (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor – Lincoln

Miss Jess Darnell:  (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor – Lincoln

Mrs Michelle Pearce:  (0.6 FTE) Learning Mentor – Louth

Miss Charlotte   Nauyokas:  (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor – Sleaford

Mr Dave Anderson (Agency) (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor - Sleaford

Mr Neil Blackwell (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor & Community Liason Officer- Louth

Miss Emily Willans (1.0 FTE) Apprentice TA - Lincoln


Reintegration & Support Officers

Mrs Stephanie Burrows: (0.8 FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer - Sleaford & Lincoln 

Mrs Lucy Fravigar:   (1.0 FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer – Boston & Sleaford

Mr John Blomeley: (0.9 FTE) Reintegration   & Support Officer – Boston & Sleaford 

Miss Lizzie Thompson: (1.0   FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer - Lincoln

Mrs Hope Smith: (0.6   FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer - Lincoln

Mrs Vicki Steadman:  (0.8 FTE) Reintegration & Support   Officer – Louth

Mr Joe Denton Lee: (1.0 FTEReintegration & Support Officer – Sleaford 

ASD   Sleaford Centre Staff:

Mrs Debra Ryden – (1.0   FTE) - TA

Mrs Sally-Anne Ketton – (1.0   FTE) - Learning Mentor



View/Print - Pilgrim Staff Structure



Web Site Information for Governing Body


Members of the Governing Body for The Pilgrim School, Lincolnshire.


Type of Governor


Mr John Gibson

Co-opted – Chair of Governors

31 August 2015

Mr Pete Banks


01 September 2015

Mrs Julie Bembridge

Local Authority

01 September 2014




Mrs Susan Waring


 29 September 2017

Mrs Jo O’Neill


16 September 2015

Mr Tony McCarthy


01 February 2017

Mrs Sue Morrison


17 October 2016

Mr Steve Barnes

Head Teacher


Mr Neil Blackwell

Clerk to Governors

23 March 2016

The Instrument of Government Order 2015:

The Governing Body of The Pilgrim School shall consist of:

  1. 2 x Parent Governors
  2. 1 x Local Authority Governor
  3. 1 x Staff Governor
  4. 1 x Head Teacher
  5. 4 x Co-opted Governors








Latest News

Awards Evening 'Amazing'

The Awards Evening was absolutely amazing.  Pupils, parents, staff, Governors and LA representatives celebrated the success of our pupils both pastorally and academically.  Very touching, personal stories, were shared by pupils, that outlined challenges, worries, concerns etc. that with the right environment and individualised support had lead onto personal success. Many a tear shed but with lots of laughter too! 

Pilgrim Staff 'Reach Out to Share Good Practice about Mental Health'

BL and HS jointly presented to Minster Teaching Alliance about mental health. They originally were expecting around 30 people but ended up delivering to two cohorts of around 50 each. We have heard lots of positive things about this and it has already generated interest in more delivery and training as part of the Minster teaching alliance. Congratulations this week therefore goes to BL and HS for their success on their first outing into new territory and we look forward to hearing more successes as Pilgrim spreads the word about mental health in the future.

Awards Evening

Staff and pupils are gearing up for another fantastic 'Awards Evening' on 19th October at the Sleaford Rugby Club, when the Pilgrim family celebrate the pastoral and academic success of our young people that have worked so hard throughout the year/s to overcome personal challenges to ultimately succeed.

It is our way to acknowledge and support pupils with their transition from Keystage 4 onto Post 16 provision.  Our thoughts, best wishes and support for the child does not simply stop with doing exams, we support, encourage and reassure pupils and their families to make appropriate choices for Post 16 that will ensure the best future prospects and life chances as they can.

Educate Against Hate

Messages of hate can take many forms. Extremist groups use them to recruit young people. Here you will find Q&A and resources to help you protect your child

Celebrating Success:

This summer the school achieved the best  GCSE and BTEC outcomes for our year 11's than we ever have before. Even with new, more demanding GCSE specs in English and Maths, our pupils did brilliantly.  The results are even more impressive against a background that sees more and more complex young people joining our school. Congratulations to the entire school community for these achievements. It is team work that makes the magic happen within our young people.