Mr Steve Barnes (1.0 FTE)

Bases – operates across all bases




 Mrs Lorraine Kirsopp(1.0 FTE)

Bases: Head of Centre in Sleaford


LEAD PRACTITIONER (Teaching & Learning)

Mr Paul Squire (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   Head of Centre in Boston + 1 day in Sleaford

PASTORAL MANAGER (Behaviour & Safety)

Mrs Deb   Bunn (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   Lincoln + 1 day in Sleaford


Mrs Helen   Garrett (1.0 FTE)

Bases:   operates across all bases


Mr Steve Lingard (1.0   FTE

Bases: Lincoln + 1   day in Louth


Mrs Yvonne   Prendergast (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Boston


Mrs Jo O’Neill (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Lincoln + 1   day in Louth


Miss Clare Andrews   (1.0 FTE)

Bases: Sleaford


Mr Tim Gourley (1.0 FTE)


Bases: All bases

Mrs Sherry   Rycroft            (0.6 FTE)


Bases: Sleaford + 1   day in Louth

Mrs Jackie   Gourley            (1.0 FTE)

Art/Foundation   Learning

Bases: All bases

Miss Rachael Addy (1.0 FTE)


Bases: 2 days Boston   + 2 days Louth

Mrs Jane   Flynn  (0.3

Art/Foundation Learning

Bases: Sleaford

Mrs Sam   Stanier (0.4)


Bases: Sleaford

Mrs Carol   Belton  (0.8)

Maths; Science; KS3 mixed

Bases: Lincoln

Mrs Jacky   Denton (1.0 FTE)


Bases: Sleaford

+ approximately 10 other   teachers paid on a zero hours/claims basis according to demand





Mrs Jacqueline Savage   (1.0 FTE) - 2 days per wk Boston, 3 days   per wk Lincoln: Administrator

Mrs Debi King                  (0.6 FTE)- Lincoln Base:Finance   Assistant

Miss Chloe Nelson          (1.0 FTE)Lincoln Base:Apprentice


Learning   Support & Pupil Welfare

Mr Steve Helliwell(1.0 FTE)Learning Mentor - Boston

Mr Chris Richardson: (1.0   FTE) Learning Mentor – Lincoln

Miss Jess Darnell:  (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor – Lincoln

Mrs Michelle Pearce:  (0.6 FTE) Learning Mentor – Louth

Miss Charlotte   Nauyokas:  (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor – Sleaford

Mr Paul Fletcher (1.0 FTE) Learning Mentor - Sleaford/Lincoln



Miss Emily Willans (1.0 FTE) Apprentice TA - Lincoln


Reintegration & Support Officers

Mrs Stephanie Burrows: (1.0 FTE) Reintegration   & Support Officer - Sleaford   

Mrs Lucy Fravigar:   (1.0 FTE) Reintegration & Support   Officer – Boston, Louth (3days in Boston area and 2 days in Louth area)                               

Mrs Bev Lee: (0.8 FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer – Lincoln, Sleaford (2 days in Sleaford area and 2 days in Lincoln area)

Mr John Blomeley: (0.9 FTE) Reintegration   & Support Officer – Boston, Sleaford (2 days in Boston area and 2.5 days   in Sleaford area)

Miss Lizzie Thompson: (1.0   FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer - Lincoln

Mrs Hope Smith: (0.6   FTE) Reintegration & Support Officer - Lincoln

Mrs Vicki Steadman:  (0.6 FTE) Reintegration & Support   Officer – Louth


ASD   Sleaford Centre Staff:

Mrs Debra Ryden – (1.0   FTE) - TA

Mrs Sally-Anne Ketton – (1.0   FTE) - Learning Mentor

Mr Neil Blackwell – (0.6   FTE) Community Liaison Manager, Clerk to Governors



View/Print - Pilgrim Staff Structure



Web Site Information for Governing Body


Members of the Governing Body for The Pilgrim School, Lincolnshire.


Type of Governor


Mr John Gibson

Co-opted – Chair of Governors

31 August 2015

Mr Pete Banks


01 September 2015

Mrs Julie Bembridge

Local Authority

01 September 2014







Mrs Jo O’Neill


16 September 2015

Mr Tony McCarthy


01 February 2017

Mrs Sue Morrison


17 October 2016

Mr Steve Barnes

Head Teacher


Mr Neil Blackwell

Clerk to Governors

23 March 2016

The Instrument of Government Order 2015:

The Governing Body of The Pilgrim School shall consist of:

  1. 2 x Parent Governors
  2. 1 x Local Authority Governor
  3. 1 x Staff Governor
  4. 1 x Head Teacher
  5. 4 x Co-opted Governors






Latest News

School Activities: PGL - Caythorpe Centre Trip

To round off a very successful year for all of our pupils and building on the success of last years trip, a PGL trip has been offered out to our pupils and will take place on Friday 14th July at the Caythorpe Centre. Eight of our pupils have felt resilient enough to participate in this day trip supported by a range of our staff. 


Celebrating Success: Pilgrim Prom 2017

A good time was had by all at The School Prom. It was such a pleasure to see our young people joining in with such happiness. I will remember B.N's dancing for some time! The alternative awards went down well with the pupils and I think this is becoming more successful every year we do it. The popcorn and candy floss machines were a huge hit too. I fully appreciate these things just don’t happen by themselves:

Some other images from the evening may be viewed in our gallery section soon.


Celebrating Success: The Lincolnshire Show

Celebrating Success:

A big thank you to M.P. in theLouth base for coordinating the trip to the Lincolnshire show. We appreciate all the hard work coordinating this has been. It was definitely worth it. The sun shone and a good time was had by all. The pupils had a fantastic time sampling local produce, watching sheep shearing and taking part in various activities available at the show including a sumo-wrestling match between J. (of Lincoln base) and N. (of Boston base).

parentinfo - From CEOP and Parentzone - June 2017

Peer pressure - a parent's guide

How learning to speak ‘teenage’ could help you communicate with your child
Helping your child cope with media coverage of traumatic events
Preventing violent extremism – what parents can do
Preventing far-right extremism: a guide for parents
FREE booklet for parents to help boost their child's self-esteem

Exam Period

The official GCSE exams’ period started last week and will gain momentum very quickly.

Our pupils have and continue to work to the best of their ability to access their exams and achieve the best results that they can manage.  They have been putting in additional revision sessions and will continue to do so throughout the examination period.  

Our thanks go out to all our teaching, support and admin staff for continuing to go the extra mile to ensure our pupils engagement at this particularly stressful time.