Pupil Premium

Almost all pupils attending our school are dually registered with a mainstream school. The Pupil Premium grant is paid to the main schools where the child is enrolled. The Pilgrim School will liaise with mainstream partners where it is deemed that specific needs of pupils entitled to FSM may be met through the grant. However, it shoud be emphasised that the Pupil Premium is not portable and that this funding is at the discretion of the mainstream school. 

Where the Pupil Premium is received by this school, provision may include additional 1-1 support, focussed small group work to address gaps in learning or access to learning opportunities outside the school.

For more detailed information about how Pupil Premium funding has been used, please follow the link below:

Pupil Premium Report


Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

The Pilgrim School is not in receipt of this funding. 

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools 

The Pilgrim School is not in receipt of this funding. 



Latest News

Educate Against Hate

Messages of hate can take many forms. Extremist groups use them to recruit young people. Here you will find Q&A and resources to help you protect your child


Celebrating Success:

This summer the school achieved the best  GCSE and BTEC outcomes for our year 11's than we ever have before. Even with new, more demanding GCSE specs in English and Maths, our pupils did brilliantly.  The results are even more impressive against a background that sees more and more complex young people joining our school. Congratulations to the entire school community for these achievements. It is team work that makes the magic happen within our young people.

School Activities: PGL - Caythorpe Centre Trip

To round off a very successful year for all of our pupils and building on the success of last years trip, a PGL trip has been offered out to our pupils and will take place on Friday 14th July at the Caythorpe Centre. Eight of our pupils have felt resilient enough to participate in this day trip supported by a range of our staff. 


Celebrating Success: Pilgrim Prom 2017

A good time was had by all at The School Prom. It was such a pleasure to see our young people joining in with such happiness. I will remember B.N's dancing for some time! The alternative awards went down well with the pupils and I think this is becoming more successful every year we do it. The popcorn and candy floss machines were a huge hit too. I fully appreciate these things just don’t happen by themselves:

Some other images from the evening may be viewed in our gallery section soon.


Celebrating Success: The Lincolnshire Show

Celebrating Success:

A big thank you to M.P. in theLouth base for coordinating the trip to the Lincolnshire show. We appreciate all the hard work coordinating this has been. It was definitely worth it. The sun shone and a good time was had by all. The pupils had a fantastic time sampling local produce, watching sheep shearing and taking part in various activities available at the show including a sumo-wrestling match between J. (of Lincoln base) and N. (of Boston base).