Pilgrim School - Amber Hill Base Development

The Pilgrim School currently operates over 4 sites across the County Lincoln, Louth, Sleaford and Boston.  Both the Lincoln and Louth bases are managed by the school and are classed as permanent accommodation.

 The base in Sleaford is a temporary site, we were moved there over 2 years ago from Deeping as a temporary measure until more suitable accommodation was found.  The Local Authority are going to re-develop the County Office site where the Sleaford base is housed, later this year. 

 Therefore, the Local Authority has offered to re-furbish an old primary school that was closed some years ago.  The school is located at Amber Hill which is on the outskirts of Boston.  Amber Hill is approx. 6 miles from Boston off the A1121 on Sutterton Drove.  The school will be for the sole use of Pilgrim School and has a large outside space.  The Local Authority are financially investing in developing this site for our use and, once complete, will be another permanent accommodation to add to the school estate.

 Boston accommodation is not managed by the school but by the Local Authority and has limited facilities.  As this accommodation is not a permanent base and, given the size of Amber Hill, we will be taking the opportunity to merge our current Sleaford and Boston Base on one site.

 The process is currently at the tender stage and confirmation of when work will commence will not be given until the tender process is agreed.  There is still a possibility, if the cost is too high, that the work will not go ahead.  However, the Local Authority have invested a lot of time in developing this project and we are confident that it will be agreed.  Final confirmation will be received at the end of February.  Work will then commence in March with the earliest completion date being in June. 

If all goes to plan the school would look to move early in July.  Transport will be provided for our pupils to access the new base. 

 This is an exciting opportunity for the school and will give our pupils and staff better accommodation and facilities.  I will keep you updated with future developments and we will be involving the pupils with the plans over the coming months.


Yours sincerely,

Steve Barnes